ShUM-Cities on the Rhine – Jewish heritage for the world

Did you know that…


is an acronym out of the first letters of the medieval Hebrew names for the cities, even going back to the Latin names?

  • Shin (Sch) = Shpira = Speyer
  • Waw (U) = Warmaisa = Worms
  • Mem (M) = Magenza = Mainz

ShUM: more than simply an abbreviation and certainly not a simple crunching together of the names of three cities. ShUM is a full name – along the Rhine River and in the world.

Discover the Kehillot ShUM with us

During the Middle Ages the Jewish communities in the medieval cities of Speyer, Worms, and Mainz formed a community which had a profound influence on the architecture, culture, religion, and jurisdiction of European Jewish Diaspora. This influence continues, even today. Stone witnesses – synagogues, cemeteries, and ritual baths – together with the religious accounts, illustrate the immense significance of the ShUM-cities.

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The Shum-Cities: Application for UNESCO World Heritage and Advertising for promotional members
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