Rediscover ShUM

    Experience the UNESCO World Heritage »ShUM Sites Speyer, Worms and Mainz«.
    The storytelling app on ShUM offers exciting journeys through time and space. You will meet Abel and Anton in Worms at the »Holy Sand« cemetery, accompany Maayan around the Worms synagogue and Rebecca, David and Simcha in the Speyer Judenhof. In Mainz, you will accompany Leon Schlesinger on his journey through 1000 years of Magenza and also meet the Mainz Rabbi Dr. Sali Levi, who was in office until 1942, and his wife Margarethe.

    Time travel and inspiring discussions

    The Judenhof with synagogue, women's prayer room and ritual bath (mikveh) has existed since the 11th century. History in Speyer takes you on a whirlwind journey through many centuries. You will overhear exciting discussions between a modern Jewish woman and two medieval scholars.
    You will get to know the synagogue, the synagogue district and the old Jewish cemetery »Heiliger Sand« in Worms in three stories. Two boys meet at the cemetery and chase after Hebrew letters. A smart professor and an American visitor meet at the cemetery in the second story. At the synagogue district, the pregnant Maayan connects with a 19th-century ancestor.
    In Mainz, Leon Wurzeln, who comes from Australia, wants to fulfill a wish of his great-grandfather Max and meets not only the rabbi his great-grandfather knew as a child, but also Irina, who lives entirely in the Jewish present. The old Jewish cemetery »Judensand« stands at the end of the walk through 1000 years of Jewish history.


    The storytelling App »ShUM-Sites« was created in cooperation between SchUM-Städte e.V. and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Experience Design of the Departments of Tourism / Transportation and Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences Worms (Info).
    The cities of Speyer, Worms and Mainz with their city archives, the Herzer recording studio and Pius Maria Cüppers as narrator of the stories were involved.


    The »ShUM sites of Speyer, Worms and Mainz« are inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since July 2021.
    The wonderful monuments have stored stories for centuries - one means of telling them is this ShUM app or the ShUM exhibition.


    We would like to express our sincere thanks to the "Gut. für die Region" foundation of the Sparkasse Worms-Alzey-Ried, the Sparkasse Vorderpfalz and the Sparkasse Mainz for their generous support in implementing the project.
    Our thanks go to the Jewish Community of Mainz K.d.ö.R. as the owner of the monuments presented in Worms as well as to the Verkehrsverein Speyer e.V., which manages the Judenhof in Speyer.