Exciting journeys through times

    Whether for adult visitors or younger explorers of the unique »ShUM-Sites Speyer, Worms and Mainz«. The ShUM storytelling app offers exciting journeys through time and space. You will meet Abel and Anton in Worms at the old Jewish cemetery »Heiliger Sand«, encounter Maayan at the Worms synagogue and Rebecca, David and Simcha in the Speyer Jewry Court.
    A story is also being developed for Mainz; give us a little more time.

    In the Middle Ages, the Jewish communities in the cities Speyer, Worms, and Mainz formed the ShUM-association that profoundly shaped Judaism in Ashkenaz (a rabbinic term for Central Europe and Germany dating from the Middle Ages) through its architecture and scholarship.

    Discussions between Modernity and the Middle Ages

    The Jewry Court in the former Jewish quarter of the old town of Speyer was built from the second half of the 11th century onwards. It is the earliest preserved Jewish community center in Central Europe. The architectural remains of the community buildings and the mikveh tell us still today of three centuries of Jewish settlement. With the app, you will embark on a whirlwind journey through many centuries and will overhear discussions between a modern Jewish woman and two medieval scholars.
    The Synagogue, the Synagogue district and the old Jewish cemetery »Heiliger Sand« in Worms are among the outstanding sights of the city. With the app you can discover these monuments in a completely new way. Follow three interesting stories and learn about ShUM, Jewish Worms, Judaism and customs and rituals. Explore the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe preserved in situ and find out what this eternal place is all about. Discover the medieval mikveh and let it tell you what living water means.


    The storytelling App »ShUM-Sites« was created in cooperation between SchUM-Städte e.V. and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Experience Design of the Departments of Tourism / Transportation and Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences Worms (Info).
    Participants included municipal institutions, the City Archives of Speyer and Worms, the Herzer recording studio and, not to be forgotten, the narrator of the stories, Pius Maria Cüppers.


    The »ShUM sites of Speyer, Worms and Mainz« are applying for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    As part of this, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the cities and SchUM-Städte e.V. are developing various educational offerings, including the ShUM app.
    In mid-2021, we will know whether you are guided through a World Heritage site!


    We would like to express our sincere thanks to the »Gut. für die Region« Foundation of the Sparkasse Worms-Alzey-Ried (Stories Worms) and the Sparkasse Vorderpfalz (Story Speyer) for their generous support in implementing the project.
    Our thanks also go to the Jewish Community of Mainz K.d.ö.R. as the owner of the monuments in Worms, as well as to the Verkehrsverein Speyer e.V., which manages the Judenhof in Speyer.
    We would especially like to thank the City Archives of Worms and the City Archives of Speyer for providing many illustrations.