ShUM-Cities Speyer, Worms, Mainz e.V.

Funding body: The German State of Rheinland-Pfalz, the cities of Worms, Speyer and Mainz, the Jewish Communities Mainz and Rheinpfalz and the State Association of the Jewish Communities Rheinland-Pfalz. (Cooperation agreement)


© City Worms


  • Mayor of the City Worms, Michael Kissel
    Deputy: Volker Gallé (Culture Coordinator Worms)

Anna Kischner
© Jewish Community Mainz
© Chair o/State Asc. o/Jew.Com. RLP

Deputy Chairs

  • Chair of the Jewish Community Mainz, Anna Kischner
  • Chair of the State Association of the Jewish Communities Rheinland-Pfalz, Avadislav Avadiev
© Alexander Heimann

Treasurer and Managing Director

  • Mayor of the State Capital Mainz, Michael Ebling
    Deputy: Elke Höllein (Head of State Protocol and Public Relations)
Mayor Seiler
© Karl Hoffmann
© University Kaiserslautern
© Jewish Community Rheinpfalz

Additional Board members

  • Mayor of the City Speyer, Stefanie Seiler
  • Ministry for Science, Qualification and Culture Rheinland-Pfalz, State Minister Prof. Dr. Konrad Wolf
    Representation: State Secretary Prof. Dr. Salvatore Barbaro
  • Chair of the Jewish Religious Community of Rheinpfalz, Israil Epstein


The Association, together with the network of the Federal State, Ministries, asministartions, cities, institutions, scientific institutes and museums, educational institutions, associations, and interested private citizens as well as representatives from the public, political, cultural life, nationally and internationally, will continue to develop, coordinate and prepare a more consistent presentation of the Jewish heritage in the ShUM-cities and plan projects as well as certain measures.

One priority of the Association is the development of the Managementplan, which forms together with the nomination dossier the World Heritage application forwarded to UNESCO in 2020.

What does this mean exactly?

To more prominently present the unique Ashkenazic Jewish heritage of the cities of Worms, Speyer, und Mainz and make them better known world-wide.

To develop a basic framework for preserving, exploiting, and presenting the ShUM-heritage for the future - together with experts and offices. This includes amongst others things:

  • Structural, historical and art-historical development, exploitation, and preservation of the monuments,
  • Establishing core and buffer zones around the monuments,
  • Education and Communication, Museum presentations,
  • Tourism,
  • Communication, Marketing & Corporate Identity,
  • Developing future monitoring instruments.

This in turn means:

  • Developing a grand concept for the exploitation, development, and preservation as well as research activities together with professional authorities.
  • Creating concepts for projects for the time following the recognition aspired for.
  • Communicate strategies of the responsible Ministries, Offices, scientific institutions and other facilities, both internally and externally.
  • To guarantee transparent processes and procedures.
  • Connecting the participating parties and civil society in a cooperative network.
  • Cultivate close exchange of ideas with experts from museums and pedagogy, Holders of selected UNESCO-Chairs and other players from World Heritage Sites, holding workshops, gathering expert opinions.
  • Coordinating future tourist activities, educational programs, museums displays and exhibits as well as web-based information between the three cities, implementing initial measures.
  • Involve civil society and the city population, support the public involvement in and promote identification with the ShUM heritage.
  • Win over players from academia, science, politics, and the public as idea providers und financial supporters and sponsors.
  • Establish advisory boards.
  • Guarantee a standardized presentation of ShUM (Corporate Identity).

Managing Director

S Urban
© ShUM-Cities
  • Dr. Susanne Urban, E-Mail
  • Assistant Ellen Herbold (Monday and Thursday 8-12:30), E-Mail


The Budget of the ShUM-Cities e.V. is recently 140,000 Euro.

The Association is recognized as a non-profit organization. Donation receipts or membership fee confirmations are issued.