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»Thank you very much for your interest. The ShUM-Sites are German-Jewish heritage on the Rhine and important for mankind. ShUM with its synagogues, women's shuln, community centres, Mikwaot and cemeteries is the cradle of Ashkenazic Jewry. In communicatinon and while addressing the public, we know that scholarship, narratives, liturgical poetry or living tradition are equally important. ShUM is not only a multifaceted past, it is the heritage of all of us and thus also part of the present and future of our country and humanity.«

Dr. Susanne Urban, Managing Director


Until today ShUM is a term for Jews all over the world and of high importance in science, art, cultural and religious history.

Become part of the idea SchUM and help that this unique world heritage can be preserved, remembered and communicated in its diversity!

Exhibitions, lectures, events, network meetings and much more is necessary to involve civil society and experts from Germany and abroad.

Underline with a donation and your commitment that the SchUM sites and the buildings and cemeteries there mean something to you, your region, the country. That Jewish heritage belongs to Germany and the world.

Support us with a donation or a membership.

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Become a supporting member. The application to join must be sent in written form to the Board.

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Supporters and members do not have a voting right in the Association, but are welcome to offer suggestions. They have the right to participate in the General Meetings not open to the public and can place requests to the agenda.


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Without the active involvement of the general public, a successful project, especially in educating and informing, with a view to publications, events and within an active network on Jewish history and the present day, is extremely difficult. Your donation helps us to position SchUM as a world heritage site and to be able to present it as such. Please make a money transfer to the following bank account:

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